Starting a Business

Starting a small business can be an exciting prospect, however, it is important to understand that it can also be a complicated process to navigate on your own. Hiring a small business attorney can help you understand the ins and outs of forming a new business, as well as assisting in the continued smooth legal running of that business. Here are a few reasons to hire a business attorney when you form a new business.

Protection from Liability

Perhaps the most obvious reason to hire an attorney when forming a new business, is to help with making sure you, as the business owner or investor, are protected from various legal liabilities. A knowledgeable business attorney can make sure your business is compliant in all current employment laws, preempt various lawsuits, and handle business litigations. Business attorneys are key in helping protect you, as well as your family, from potential legal issues.

Dispute Resolution

Regardless of how hard you try, disputes and problems will come up. Having an attorney for your business can help with negotiations and deal with confrontations, be they from a partner, employee customer, or vendor. It cannot be overstated how important having a professional business attorney for your business is for handling these legal headaches for you.

Solutions for Your New Business

It can be difficult to decide on what business structure is right for your new business. A qualified business attorney can assist you in deciding what type of business to create, such as if you should make a limited liability company or an S or C corporation. The type of business structure you select will determine how responsibilities are divvied up and asset distribution. Another reason a business attorney is important is in making sure your business has equal rights and protections, should it be operating in multiple states.

Legal Documents

Having someone who can keep track of, as well as understand the ins and outs of the numerous legal documents needed for the creation and running of a new business is key to its success. Small business attorneys can prepare the right forms, licenses, articles and permits you will need, as well as keep track of them for future reference. This will save you the time and stress of doing it yourself.

Here at Foley, Shannon, Powers & Rusch, we pride ourselves in our expert business law attorneys. Our knowledgeable and experienced business law attorneys can help you through the life of your business and deal with legal issues and litigations should they arise. We offer business law needs to the Racine, Kenosha, and Milwaukee areas. Contact us today to learn more about business law and our services.

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