Construction Law

Construction Owners and Contractors

Construction Law experts like Foley, Shannon, Powers & Rusch S.C. specialize in the laws and regulations that apply to construction projects. We can help owners and contractors navigate the legal complexities of the construction process.

The lawyer of a business owner who owns a construction company will help ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the required specifications. The business owner or contractor's lawyer will protect their interests, such as ensuring that they get paid for their work and that they are not held responsible for delays or issues that are outside of their control.

Why work with us?

There is one central benefit of working with a law firm that specializes in construction law, and has experience working at the state and federal level. It is our reputation. We protect you from unwanted disputes as well as the interests of your organization and its work. We provide valuable legal expertise, guidance, and representation throughout the construction process, which could potentially save time and money while ensuring a successfully completed project.

Construction Law Services

Examples of construction law include reviewing and drafting contracts, negotiating disputes, and representing their clients in court or arbitration proceedings. They can also help their clients comply with legal requirements such as building codes, safety regulations, and environmental laws.

Arbitration Tribunals

We also have experience in arbitration tribunals. These disputes are similar to courts, but instead of a judge or jury, they are resolved by an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators. These arbitrators are typically experts in the subject matter of the dispute and are chosen by the parties involved in the dispute. Arbitration tribunals can resolve disputes that arise in the construction industry. Our team of legal experts have experience in resolving these disputes in an efficient and flexible manner. 

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