Service Overview of Foley, Shannon, Powers, & Rusch

The founders of Foley, Shannon, Powers, & Rusch S.C. began practicing in 1913. Over the last century, our firm has picked up new partners and has transitioned and transformed as a result. Most importantly, our firm has collected a diverse set of legal experience ranging from state to federal cases. Today, Foley, Shannon, Powers, & Rusch S.C. provides a full plate of services that cover all legal needs. Foley, Shannon, Powers, & Rusch S.C. has the experience you need to feel confident in legal representation for both business and family.


When it comes to legal needs for business, Foley, Shannon, Powers, & Rusch S.C. are experts in the following services:

These four areas give full protection for any business owner in need of legal council, guidance, and representation. Throughout the lifetime of a business, there are numerous contracts that need to be written and transactional decisions that need to be made. It isn’t always the first thought for a driven, self-motivated CEO to seek the legal council needed to navigate these decisions. That is where Foley, Shannon, Powers, & Rusch S.C. are most effective. With extensive experience in construction law, we help with every detail needed for thorough navigation in developing contracts specifically around construction.

Many times, businesses encounter opportunities for real estate transactions. Foley, Shannon, Powers, & Rusch S.C. specialize in making sure commercial contracts, notes, litigations, terms, and enforcements are properly executed. If real estate is a part of your business, Foley, Shannon, Powers, & Rusch S.C. is here to support those legal needs. 

Another important legal area is business litigations. Non-compete agreements, breaches of contract, and operating agreements are all inevitable situations owners will find themselves in during their business journey. Foley, Shannon, Powers, & Rusch S.C. possess decades worth of experience with these situations and are experts in helping businesses navigate them effectively.


Business coverage is important, but some situations require assistance on the personal level. Foley, Shannon, Powers, & Rusch S.C. is here to provide legal support for the following:

  1. Elder Law

  2. Estate Administration

Guardianship is important when loved ones start getting older. It requires knowledge and compassion, and this is where our firm can assist, specifically in regards to home protection, Title 19, and medicaid eligibility.

Estate administration always presents challenges, especially for families. Some probate situations can be complex, and lack of knowledge and guidance has the potential to pull families apart. Foley, Shannon, Powers, & Rusch S.C. will help guide you through the process and ensure all matters are taken care of.

Our legal services have been built to provide support for both businesses and families. Since our origins in 1913, followed by numerous merging partnerships from 1998 proceeding to 2013, Shannon, Foley & Rusch has a history of providing excellent legal services in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and southeastern Wisconsin.

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