Selling a Business

Selling a business can be an arduous and time-consuming process. Attorneys can assist in the sale of your business and guide you in deciphering the steps needed for a successful sale. Provided are a few ways attorneys can help with selling your business.

An attorney can help sort through the steps needed when selling a business, including due diligence reviews of all documents involved to ensure they are current and accurate. This review will help to ensure everything proceeds smoothly once the sale of your business begins.

Other steps include:

  • formation of transition strategies
  • drafting and reviewing contracts
  • setup of exit strategies
  • facilitating stock and employee transfers
  • sale of all business assets

All will assist in the smooth transition of a business to new ownership.

During the sale of a business, attorneys help protect you and your assets, keeping your best interests in mind when making vital decisions. They will review contracts, ensure deals are structured fairly, and provide representation in any legal negotiations. Having this representation can help keep you from facing any future legal ramifications and help ease any worry you may have during the sale of your business.

At Foley, Shannon, Powers & Rusch, S.C., we are happy to assist you in selling your business. Contact us to set an appointment.

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