Business Transactions

Buying and selling anything should be quite simple, the exchange of money for goods is about as simplistic as anything can be. These transactions have been going on for thousands of years. However, when dealing with the exchange of money in regards to a business property, details can be a bit more complex. Our team at Foley, Shannon, Powers & Rusch wants to ensure that these types of transactions are done smoothly and legally, so that you don't have any worries about any repercussions down the line.

Attorneys can help in the sale of your business in a multitude of ways, including:

Ensuring your business is ready to sell: Review documents and ensure they are all up to date and complete. This process should begin as soon as possible to ensure any potential issues are resolved before they have a chance to become a concern for the buyer.

Contract drafting and negotiation: Your attorney can help in the negotiations of specific terms of your contract to ensure you are protected from any potential future legal issues.

Straightforward closing process: Your attorney has a great deal of knowledge about the buying and selling of a business. This knowledge can help to ensure that all documentation is in order for you to close the deal. Your attorney can also ensure that should any further documents be required, they have been obtained and completed; this can include such documents as transfer of intellectual property, any necessary non-compete agreements or any relevant tax forms.

By working with our experienced legal team you are not only securing your legal business future, but that of everyone you are in business with. You can go into the sale with the confidence and knowledge that all contracts are complete and no potential issues will arise.

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