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Family Law

Our Racine area attorneys are able to tackle all facets of family law. 

We work to minimize conflict as much as possible. Sometimes, litigation is the only way to resolve issues that arise from divorce, child custody, and paternity disputes. This is when we become our clients’ strongest advocates.

Divorce: We handle all divorces, whether they are simple and uncontested or complex due to high assets or closely held businesses.

Legal Separation and Annulment: Alternatives to divorce, such as legal separation and annulment are options and might be more appropriate in certain situations.

Child Custody and Placement (Visitation):  Every situation is unique. We consider your life and the needs of your children to attain your goals for custody and placement (visitation).

Maintenance and Spousal Support: Maintenance (alimony) and spousal support payments are decided by the facts of your case. We make sure your maintenance order is both fair and consistent with Wisconsin state law.

Child Support:  Our primary concern in any family law matter is what is best for the children involved. Wisconsin has state mandated child support guidelines that require both parents to support their children.

Post-Judgment Disputes and Modifications: Circumstances often change after the final paternity or divorce decree and it is possible to rework placement (visitation), support, and maintenance orders. We can look at the facts of your case to determine what is appropriate.

Paternity: A formal determination of paternity is required by law for a father to obtain parental rights and to protect the interests of the child. Custody, visitation (placement), and financial orders are included in these cases.

Restraining Orders:  Charges of domestic violence are taken very seriously by law enforcement and victims are offered remedies such as restraining orders. In cases of abuse to yourself or your child, we can help you obtain restraining orders to keep you and your family safe. If you are the subject of a restraining order, we can also help protect your rights.

Cooperative and Collaborative Divorce: We offer alternatives to extensive litigation in collaborative or cooperative divorce cases in order to diminish the negative effects on the parties and the children.